Whinging Bigots

Why, after we’ve won very comfortably, do exTRIFC 2012 players, now managers, never just accept they’ve been handsomely beaten?

Derek McInnes always has a gripe, almost making out we’re lucky to beat his team, every time we play them. Watching Steven Naismith yesterday too both before and after the game saying we were “one of” the best teams in the country and then we shouldn’t have scored the goals we scored?!!

They wonder why people hate them when they played and after they’ve played for TRIFC 2012? It surely doesn’t cost much to have a bit of grace in defeat and not by the slenderest of margins either?

I would take what Mcinnes and Naismith say with a pinch of salt. Naismith is an eejit and Hearts will chop him before Xmas. He hasn’t a clue how to conduct himself and his knowledge of football is pretty grim!