Who,d have thought!

Vs Hibs a lot of what I have been saying had at least been tried. I dont buy the " lack of quality" moans and I believe Rogers had better players he just didnt try.
Iwata I thought he was brilliant, stronger than turnbull thom or bernardo

M Johnson got his start 6/10 but still 100% better than Yang

TAYLOR actually substituted and replaced by Ralston who didnt do bad

PHILIPS got a half looked like he was getting used to his team mates not a patch on CCV but In different circumstances id have had CCV and Phillips with Scales at LB

Phillips came on loan and should have been a stalwart yes he got injured but another example of how Rogers ruins players. As he has Kyogo at the moment.
Tiamo? Short and useless send him away with Yang

The best bit was at least Rogers tried alternatives with a big lead Ho played well and we actually scored from a corner and he now has alternatives which he had all along. If CcV is injured he knows how to change back 4

Why does an old fan like me see this 7 weeks ago and a manager doesnt?

I thought the Aussie winger Tillio wasn’t that bad for his first (small) taste of action.

He went directly at his man when he got the ball and got past him too. Looks two footed as well and may be a good shout for Sunday on that shocking pitch.

That spot is wide open at the minute with the abject showings from Yang and Mikey Johnston of late. Maybe 45 mins from Tillio this weekend can help build confidence for him?