Whos next celtic manager?

IF Ange goes who would fans want next. It would be great if the We never stop attitude was able to continue under a new manager also the links to asian players who quite simply make European players look as if the are standing still.


Remember, Celtic are part of the City Group, thats how we got Ange perhaps another unknown gem is waiting in the wings

Definitely not Brendan Rodgers.

We are playing good attacking football at the minute. It wouldn’t be entertaining watching us passing backwards and sideways with one man up front.

Hopefully we’ll get someone who can keep what we’ve got going but also build on it making us even stronger :four_leaf_clover:

Brendan Rodgers is the bookies favourite atm but I really don’t think he will be welcomed back by the fans. I agree that we need a manager that will continue with “Angeball” and is capable of decent recruitment. I wish Ange well at Spurs and thank him for his amazing turnaround of and achievements at our club. It is so painful that he is going because he was only with us two years and I was so looking forward to our CL campaign next season. What worries me too is that Spurs want to take Kyogo, John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan with Ange which could destabilize the dressing room albeit we will have loads of money in the bank! For me, John Kennedy would guarantee continuity of We never stop and he would also have an insight into Ange’s forthcoming transfer targets. It’s time for JK to step up to the plate for the club he loves!

Why wish him well he as Brenda did used us to further his own gains I appreciate what he took over and rebuilt but he’s gonna come a calling again and not a courtesy call

Looking at the candidates for the Managerial job at Celtic Dom, one name springs out to me, and it’s Ipswich Town’s manager Kieran McKenna.
McKenna led Ipswich to promotion to the English Championship from League One this season, and is said to have a similar footballing style to Ange Postecoglou.
He’s made the Suffolk outfit into a formidable attacking outfit, netting 101 goals this season and grabbing 98 points.
It would be a toss up between him and Enzo Maresca for my 1st choice, with McKenna just edging it.

Martin, McKenna is a reasonable shout for what he’s achieved at Ipswich but my reservation would be that this is at L1 level while Knutsen has demonstrated that he can deliver at CL level, which is what makes him a more attractive prospect in my opinion.

Good shout Dom I fancy the man city assistant as well for much same reasons

Yes Dom, I did look at him, and I’m sure he’s on the list of five that Celtic have drawn up.
I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was chosen, that’s for sure.

Me too Martin. Would be a solid, progressive appointment offering consistency of style as well as the prospect of a better tactical approach to CL games. Also it offers the prospect of some of Bodo Glimt’s key performers joining Celtic which would really strengthen the team. Don’t forget, Knutsen’s budget at Glimt is much smaller than Celtic’s which is another reason why he would be a very shrewd appointment!

The only snag regarding Knutsen is when it was put to him about the speculation of Ajax and Celtic looking at him, his response was lukewarm at best, not dismissive, but not exactly enthusiastic either.
But on saying that, I guess any manager would react like that so as not to upset their present employer, especially when nothing concrete is on the table.

Celtic are not a part of the City group where has this nonsense come from? We are not now or have we ever been a part of that group, a cursory search on Google shows that. We have some tentative links to them with Mark Lawell and Ange but other than that it ends there. So quite where some of our support get this rubbish God only knows. Let me make this clear as well Enzo Maresca should be nowhere near the Celtic Park dugout unless he’s paid for the stadium tour, you’d be as well giving me or any supporter the job as we’d stand as much chance as him of being a success. He’s had fourteen games as Parma manager and fourteen bad games at that before he was sacked. We’d be going from an elite manager to an EA sports football manager. Our club is in a position of strength, we’re as attractive a job as you could hope for so why give it to a novice that would be madness? My money’s on Peter Lawell pushing for this appointment and he should be nowhere near any of our appointments after appointing Lenny in the shower after the 2019 Scottish Cup final. Lenny should never have got the job once much less given a second chance and by the time he’d left we were a shambles. I know some of our support won’t hear a word said against Lenny but a real Celtic man would’ve resigned after the Ferencvaros shambles, or at the very least after the two 4-1 losses to Sparta Prague and this guy still refuses to accept any liability over his part in our downfall, that’s unbelievable. We need a manager of quality with a proven track record not some Poundland doughball which is what Maresca is. I’ve heard it alleged, though I can’t get it verified, that Lawell had something to do with Ange jumping ship which wouldn’t surprise me. He’s another man that should never have been back in the fold again as he’s as divisive in the support as Lenny is. We have to get this appointment right and I’d like us to get Kjetil Knutsen no matter the cost as he plays football like Ange only better, even if it’s not him it can’t be Maresca anybody but him, surely even our board can’t fck this up but with their track record I’m not so sure. Let’s be honest here Ange was a panic appointment that we got lucky with I’m convinced of that, the Celtic manager’s job is not for a rookie, two names prove my point, John Barnes and Liam Brady, I rest my case. This board can’t get this wrong because if they do the backlash will go on for years to come they fcked the ten in a row, they can’t let Ibrox get a foothold of any sort.

A tentative link? Paddy roberts frimpong, Denyer and many other fine Man City players to Celtic over the years

Id gladly take more players from them on loan or buy
Doesnt matter if Celtic are not part if the vity group as long as we get some benefits by being supplied plsyers and managers from the Europen champions. I accept your point on Maresca as I also looked at hus managerial record. KNUTSEN woukd be the best gut so far. I would like to see tall, athletic players brought in for European success